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        Kemflo International was founded in 1978 in Taiwan and was only a manufacturer
        of plastics products for foreign well-known brands in its earlier period.
        During 22 years of operation, Kemflo has earned a great reputation in plastics
        field. A major reason for this success and growth is our ability to
        consistently provide our customers with the highest quality products and
        perfect service at very competitive price. Now, we are setting up our fittings
        all over the world successfully.


        Our product lines include PVC cable tray
        water, storage tanks, industrial plastic valves, cpvc, irrigation valves,
        sprinklers, filter housings, industrial fittings, water treatment units, PVC
        artificial wood and plastic extrusion commercial building materials such as
        floor board, ceiling and store wall. Many components that are manufactured
        based on up-to-date technology of plastic injection molding and extrusion, go
        through additional manufacturing stages such as precise cutting, supersonic
        spin fusion, high frequency welding or assembling to produce high quality water
        purifier, filtration systems, sprinklers, industrial valves and many other


        'Where there is plastic product, there is
        Kemflo' is our dream. In order to make our dream true, we are devoting
        ourselves to developing advanced moulding technology,which include designing,
        tooling, molding, assembling and logistic.


        New technology and materials are constantly
        changing the the world. Our innovative engineering staff integrates the latest
        information and utilizes CAD/CAM techniques to produce innovative products.


        To provide our customers with more rapid
        and accurate services, we have invested greatly in the introduction of IBM MIS
        system, establishment of automatic warehouse management system as well as
        development of application program, which have been implemented into our
        operation. Existing products are continuously tested and refined to improve
        reliability, stability and durability, which ensure our products' high
        competitive capacity and top quality.

        the Kemflo branded product is sold all over the world. On the way of aspiring
        after 'PERFECTION', we are ready to face any challenges.